Getting Sober and Managing Your Emotions

I have to tell you, getting sober is not some easy thing once you get past detox. All these people think that once you are through the physical hell of getting sober that you are golden. That the rest of the road is positive and happy cause you are on the road to sobriety. Well, it’s not that easy. On the contrary, it’s ridiculously hard. When I finally decided that it was time for me to sober up, I was anticipating the pain of detox, the withdrawal. But like many others, I thought after that it would be pretty easy. A few emotions here and there, a few learning hurtles, but not much else. I turned out to be wrong. The process of getting sober is a nasty, twisting roller coaster that after a time I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it off of or not.

I decided to get sober, I went into alcohol abuse rehab, and I went through detox. Detox was hard, but I made it through, and I thought I was ready for what was to come next. I wasn’t. Everyday is a new experience. You wake up one day and are hopeful about your future. You believe that everything is going to be just grand. And then you wake up the next day, and you are in hell. You feel hopeless and like you are never going to get anywhere. You still feel a need for alcohol and you don’t think it will ever go aware and you despair. It makes you want to give up because you think that there is no hope. Honestly, getting sober is like being bipolar. You are up and down all the time. Getting sober and managing your emotions is no cakewalk, but they tell you it’s necessary, and it is.

If you are to give into all your emotions, let yourself runaway with them while getting sober, then you are going to end up doing things you will regret and you probably will end up relapsing and then there is even a less of a chance for you. When I was getting sober, there were days where I just wanted to scream at someone I loved because they didn’t understand, where I just wanted to beat someone up, where I just wanted to give up and start drinking again. But I tried my best to stay in control and the people around me tried to help as well. It was tough fight, but I made it through into a sober life.

And you know what, I am insanely happy now. I have so much going for me now. Truthfully, things couldn’t be better. The reward at the end of the process of getting sober is well worth all the pain and emotions. Just don’t go in thinking it’s going to be easy because you are just setting yourself up for more disappointment right there.

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